The House without It’s Speaker

 As you are probably aware the position of speaker of the house representatives of the United States is currently vacant. In order to elect a new speaker there needs to be a consensus of 218 votes in favor for one person.

As it’s standing now, there is a smaller group of votes in the Republican caucus that has continuously refused to back the most popular republican candidate during each vote. The numbers vary, but so far none of them have been able to hit 218 on the floor. 

Several different candidates have been offered and failed time and time again the most recent one of this writing being Tom Emmer from Minnesota, and although being from Minnesota - I am definitely biased in this regard, but I truly did think that Tom Emmer was the best choice of the floated options.
The Republican caucus does not feel the same though, each new candidate getting less and less votes each time within the private conference. (They need 218 on the floor but 109 in the caucus I believe) 
In my view, there are only a few different paths they can be taken. 
1. The US house will be ineffective until next session without a speaker being elected or a temp speaker being designated to hold power.
2. They pass a resolution to allow Patrick Henry to provide temporary over the house for extended periods of time.
3. The Republicans finally agree on a candidate either miraculously within the house or by electing a noncurrent sitting representative; the House moves forward either until another vacation or indefinitely.
4. Some Democrats abstain from voting to allow a republican candidate to be elected.
I have seen the option of turning the vote into a plurality instead of a majority, but there’s no way to Republicans would go for this since it would immediately give it to Hakeem Jeffries.
If our governing leaders had passed a funding bill before all of this then it would not be as big of an issue but soon the funding will run out and they still don’t have a speaker, which, of course is exactly what Matt Gates wanted when he brought the vacate motion to the floor and definitely what he wanted way back in January when he first struck his deal with McCarthy this was all part of his plan. His circus show sideshow to try to show to American people that the government does not work, despite the clear and evident fact that he is the main culprit in our government not currently functioning. 
The fact of the matter is the smaller faction of mega people holding the government back is anti-democracy, since it does not currently Follow the views of the majority of the American people.
For this, Matt Gates will forever be looked back on in history as the man who hated government so much he brought it to a halt, didn’t make it better, just stopped it altogether.


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