Buckle up everyone, this year is gonna be a politically draining one! This year the majority of the world population is going to be living under a government with major elections this year. 

This decade has so far been a rocky and simmering one. With new wars and conflicts popping up and divisive politics playing out in different world “theatres.”

For example, Asia is dealing with Chinese and DPRK aggression; Europe is dealing with the Russian War on Ukraine, Grain and supply issues, immigratio, etc.; Africa has experienced a series of anti democratic coups in various nations with fighting breaking out in Sudan. The Midde East ramped up wildly in tensions on October 7th and has yet to simmer down any, if at all; finally the US is internally dealing with deviaive politics regarding both domestic and foreign affairs.

Most people moderately tuned into news would agree things have been steadily getting crazier here in the United States. It seems like no matter the winner of the presidency in 2024 there is going to be very upset people as with 2020- the only question is how wild will it get. 

We can only hope cooler heads and publisized criminals convictions for the violent have reminded the more extreme people that consequences exist. 

Your voice gets to be heard through your vote. I encourage everybody to exercise their opinion and the one say they get and how things are done.  No matter your politics, go out and vote. We need to trust the people; without that we have nothing but anarchy. 


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